Dr. Michael Halkias – Naper Grove Vision Care


Tell us about yourself.

I grew up here in the Western suburbs, and I have been an owner of Naper Grove Vision Care since 2008. Currently, I live in Hinsdale with my wife, Jessica, and three children.

What is the formula for your success?

Above all else…attitude. In my work life, success requires persistence, discipline, and planning. Outside of work, success to me is work-life balance + family involvement/presence + constantly evolving into a more refined human being.

How does that translate into patient success?

I first listen carefully, then I empathize with their concerns, and finally, I strive to overdeliver on their expectations. Happy patients come back, and they tell their friends and family.

What’s the most important thing readers should know about optometry care today?

Your eyes can tell us a lot about your overall health. Don’t assume because you’re young or you can see okay that you don’t have to get checked annually.

In the time you’ve been practicing, how have you seen the field change (latest advancements like AI, etc.)?
AI will undoubtedly help augment the doctor-patient experience. It will offer doctors incredible insight to help minimize risks based on historical big data archives. Imagine a world where every private doctor-patient conversation can be analyzed in real-time to look for innovative treatments or solutions that otherwise may have been overlooked. Whoever isn’t using AI in their practices someday will fall behind. It will become the standard of care.

What are your other hobbies and interests outside medicine?

Taking one trip a year with family, going to Hawks/Bulls/Cubs games, and spending time beefing up my knowledge of fine wines.

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be…

An owner of an exotic/luxury car dealer, or owner of a boating/yachting business. ■

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