Education: Montini Catholic High School

Montini Catholic High School

Independent and private schools continue to prosper

There are several exceptionally strong schools in the western suburbs. Many schools have a rich history and are recognized throughout their communities for academic excellence, various extracurricular programs, and inspiration for learning. Families and students have many great options for selecting a private or independent school. Visits to each school are crucial to making an informed decision, but understanding each school’s unique character – from the perspective of the school – is key to illustrating what each school offers. In this exclusive feature for Hinsdale Magazine Group, we highlight our partners to provide our readers with relevant information and help them discover each school’s unique characteristics.

Being a teenager today is more challenging than ever and the Lasallian approach to education that Montini Catholic has provided since their founding – knowing, seeing, supporting, and loving each student – is more relevant than ever.

Located in Lombard, Montini Catholic High School is a family-centered, coeducational, college preparatory high school rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as emulated by St. John Baptist DeLaSalle. The LaSallian tradition recognizes the sacredness of all persons and educates students of diverse abilities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Founded in 1966, Montini has effectively established an educational experience deeply rooted in the message of Christ, service, and responsibility to Church, family, and community. Attending Montini is an experience for each individual family with faith, culture, and knowledge integrated among teachers, students, and families in the spirit of cooperation.

Academically, Montini challenges and encourages the development of each student. The curriculum includes courses within several learning levels including Signum Fidei, College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Dual Credit. Rather than being placed in a single track, students are placed into individual classes that engage and aid in learning at their level of rigor. This approach is just one example of the individualized attention Montini pays to each student.

Montini offers 11 men’s and 11 women’s IHSA athletic teams and three club sports. The Athletic Department provides an atmosphere where each student-athlete can maximize his or her ability. Athletes are considered students first and athletes second, as success is measured both in the classroom and in the athletic arena.
Extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations play a significant role in the overall development of the Montini student. In fact, 92% of students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity. The relationships and camaraderie help give the school a distinct personality. Visit the campus day or night, weekday or weekend, and one is likely to see the lights on, cars in the parking lot, and Montini students participating in an activity.

Montini Catholic attracts students from over 50 different middle schools each year. Graduating seniors have earned over $86,000,000 in college scholarship offers in the last five years alone. It is evident that Montini Catholic’s program works! The ideal size of the school, coupled with the family atmosphere, ensures that graduates are well-rounded and academically prepared to remain successful throughout their collegiate years. ■