EDUCATION: St. Mary of Gostyn School

St. Mary of Gostyn School

Independent and private schools continue to prosper

There are several exceptionally strong schools in the western suburbs. Many schools have a rich history and are recognized throughout their communities for academic excellence, various extracurricular programs, and inspiration for learning. Families and students have many great options for selecting a private or independent school. Visits to each school are crucial to making an informed decision, but understanding each school’s unique character – from the perspective of the school – is key to illustrating what each school offers. In this exclusive feature for Hinsdale Magazine Group, we highlight our partners to provide our readers with relevant information and help them discover each school’s unique characteristics.

St. Mary of Gostyn School (SMG) combines exceptional academics with a strong faith-based environment. SMG students experience a Catholic culture that includes daily prayer, religion class, and weekly Mass. They also encounter a challenging curriculum that inspires them to excel academically, develop confidence and a strong sense of self, build personal relationships, and serve others. The school’s dedicated team of teachers and staff emphasizes creativity, critical and analytical thinking, and real-world application with a Catholic worldview to help students learn, grow, and thrive.

Over 125 years ago, SMG opened as the first parochial school in Downers Grove in a one-room wooden schoolhouse. Today, after several additions to the original structure, activity center, and gyms, SMG is home to 485 students from preschool through eighth grade.

Parents, the primary educators of their children, partner with SMG to create an environment that meets each child’s specific needs. SMG believes that every child has God-given abilities, talents, and needs. They maintain a curriculum and environment that encourages each child to succeed, providing additional academic support such as supplemental reading and math programs when necessary. In addition, religious education is a priority at SMG and helps each child develop a personal relationship with God.

Furthermore, SMG provides opportunities for growth in self-esteem and happiness inside and outside the classroom, and the curriculum subjects – beyond Common Core – are essential. Many extracurricular opportunities are offered to help create this learning environment, including Math Club, Environmental Club, Geography Club, Voices (a literary magazine), BAM Theater, Students for Life, chess class, school musical, and various other clubs. Basketball, cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, track and field, and football are also offered with a no-cut policy.

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